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About Us

We love watches as much as you do.  We know in today's smartphone, smart watch society the old world time piece is no longer just about keeping time, but defining your personal style.

As any watch collector knows a new strap can radically change the look and feel of any watch.  It was on a search for a custom strap one day that the idea for C2 was born.

The options for straps seemed to fall into two categories.  Mass produced straps offering limited color combinations and sometimes questionable leather quality, or custom made straps sold for very high prices.  We knew there had to be a better way.

Our goal is to provide handmade, fully customized, high quality Horween leather straps for the price of something mass produced.  Our process allows you to select the leather, stitch pattern, and thread color that will accent your time pieces perfectly.  At C2 Straps 'You Decide, and We Provide'.


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