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Our leather comes from the Horween Leather Co. one of the oldest Tanneries in the US. 



Horween Brown ChromExcel: 

A Combination tanned leather that undergoes at least 89 separate processes taking 28 working days to make.



Horween Orange Predator:

A waxed and tumbled full grain leather. Dark brown with an orange pull up. The wax used on the leather will wear very well over time.



Horween Spartan:

A full grain oil tanned leather. Burnt red color, slight pull up, waxed top, beautiful, rare leather.  



Horween High Cherry ChromExcel:  

A deep cherry colored leather made with the Horween CXL process. 



Horween Black Football:  

A black football leather. Horween has been making football leather for more than 70 years. A great watch strap to represent your favorite team or school.



Horween Burgundy ChromExcel:  

A deep, rich Burgundy colored leather made with the Horween CXL process. 



Horween Cambridge Full Grain Black: 

A full grain leather in a flat black color. Supple and soft, this leather wears well.